R&D Entertainment & Fabrication was founded in 2004, as a WBE qualified company, by a group of former Walt Disney Imagineers. R&D has thrived the past nine years on its guiding principals of Customer Service, Communication, and High Quality Craftsmanship. Its staff has over 50 years of combined experience in Themed Environments,  Fabrication, Project Management, Design, Lighting, Audio and Equipment Sales.

What seperates R&D from its Competition?

Where glad you asked, R&D has design, fabrication, lighting, audio, video, logistics, and installation under one roof. Which provides are clients with a single point of contact and seamless intergration.

Is there a minimum order at R&D?

No minimum order is required.

How quickly does R&D respond to request for quotes?

Equipment sales is normally 4 to 48 hours. Custom fabrication projects require 5 to 10 days.